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Hey all,

  I just heard some good news today...after the Silversides departure I
think we could all use it.  :-)

  Was talking with a local pet store owner today about natives.  Turns out
about a year ago a local guy brought in some 'funny looking fish' he had
caught in a local creek.  From the description they sounded like
Orangethroat Darters...showed a picture to the pet person and that's what
they were all right.  Now the good news.

  These fish were collected from the Shunganunga Creek that runs directly
through the city of Topeka, KS.  This creek was thought to be dead about
15-20 years ago and all darter species wiped out.  In the last few years
there has been several community efforts to clean the 'Shunga' up.  Looks
like maybe the little rascals have come home.  I hope to get out in the
next few weeks and try to confirm this for myself.  The 'Shunga' has a lot
of city park land that runs along side it so it shouldn't be hard to find
access points.  I will keep you all informed....

Luke McClurg