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'The Creel'

                            The Creel

 What is The Creel?  A creel is a wicker basket used to put fish, usually
trout, (Ok, normally beverages), when fishing.  Whats this one?  This is a
forum for exchanging of North America's Native Fish, supplies, plants,
anything conservation related, etc.  Commercial ads are -=not=- allowed.
Although sponsored by the Native Fish Conservancy, affiliation is not
required.  This post will be sent out on the first of each month, unless
there are few ads.  To submit to it, send e-mail to
jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com with the topic "Creel Ad".  For a list of
standard abbvs, use the topic "Creel Abbvs."  For a copy of the latest
Creel, use "Creel Req."  This is not automated, just makes life easier.
Submissions should include all relevant information. 

J. L. Wiegert                            NFC at actwin_com List Admin              
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