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Re: Now Never returned to the wild


	The problem is one that is simple for some folks, but not for others.
If you are like I am, if there is any chance that I will need to
quarantine a fish (always), you will use the water from the place that
the fish were collected from for most water changes. That reduces the
chance that the local public water supply will introduce pathogens into
the tank that I am not aware of. Even with chlorinating, the water
supply treatment doesn't kill all pathogens, and certainly not all
parasites. So, even after quarantine, the fish that eventually get into
the treated public water I treat like they are now carrying NEW stuff
from the NEW water supply. I must admit, I'm too lazy to BOIL every drop
of water before it goes into my tanks.
	This makes life for the city folks sort of hard, unless they care to
drive to where the fish were collected from! Sort of out of the question
for most I'd guess, so the way the policy is makes sense to me
personally, as not a lot of folks will go to the extreme that I do to
get fresh creek water from the specific location of the specific creek
that I collect from to do initial quarantine water changes with. Even
then, I don't put fish back, cause if they don't make it through
quarantine, or get too big for my tanks, they will be frozen and then
either burned in the next brush fire I set to discard old lawn waste, or
burned when I cook supper. :)

Just something to think about,


Kudzu wrote:
> Well actually I have to say that I have a problem with this too. One
> of the things that attracted me to natives was that if I was keeping
> say Large Mouth Bass, when he got to large I could return him to River
> from where he came. I understand the point about disease and can't
> argue with that. However if all the fish are kept in a native tank
> that had nothing but fish from the same body of water odds are there
> would be nothing present that was not all ready there.
> This was one of the big things that attracted me to setting up a River
> tank.
> Jeff <*\\><
> "Consider carefully what you hear", he continued "With the measure
> you use it, it will be measured to you -- and even more.  Whoever has
> will
> be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken
> from
> him." Mark 4:24,25
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