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Re: Re: Now Never returned to the wild

  Quite frankly, my main concern is with Exotics, defined as fish not
indigenous to the North American continent. I live in So. Florida and
experience, first hand on a daily basis, the extraordinarilly devastating
effect exotic introductions have had, and I don't just mean fish. The
landscape of Florida has been completely changed as a result of the trees and
bushes of other countries having established themselves here. Infact, I can
only imagine what it looked like prior to the introduction of Austrailian
Pines, Malaluka, and Brazilian Pepper. 
   When I was a kid, I used to go to the water with a few pieces of Wonder
bread and feed the bream which would eagerly congregate for the event. Now,
they are all but totaly unseen and the fish coming to take the bread are
	I am not a fanatic, and as Robert has so appropriately stated, these are
guidelines, not laws. The return of a few fish too your "backyard" from whence
they came,an enviable address I might add, can hardly be compared to the
damage we experience from exotics. With that said, I'm going out to the alley
back of my cottage and harvest a few mangoes, fresh off the tree.   : ) 

P.S.    anyone have a recomendation for feeding the 1/2 salvini fingerlings