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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem


	I for one certainly appreciate your comments and think you have sound
views, though it is up to each person to apply what they learn to their
own circumstances. To that end, I see the need for inclusion of these
views in any balanced educational formula we may pursue.
	I would appreciate it if you would consider writing a piece (or pieces)
that would cover these discussions, and into what ever other territory
you care to take it, for use by the NFC with education of aquarist in
mind. Specifically I'd like to see the threats imposed by translocation,
and why you believe as you do concerning applicable laws. As you say,
the principal, not the geography.
	I only speak for the Breeders Program here, but a large part of our
plans are directed towards creating a sound educational approach to
conservation issues concerning fish and their habitats.
	I ask because we need a balanced input to really educate, not just a
set "this is the only way to see it" sort of thing. I see we need to
give more people a chance to make informed opinions with point and
counterpoint used if appropriate, as has been the case on this forum
with this thread in general. The few people that this exchange has
reached can and should be multiplied if possible, so let's get this in a
format that can be more readily distributed, eh?

	That's not to say I don't want to see more of it here, but this is good
stuff, and REALLY can be used elsewhere as well.

Let me know if you have the time, keep in touch,


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