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Re: Dealing with the real fish? problem

On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Herb Harris wrote:

> I would appreciate it if you would consider writing a piece (or pieces)
> that would cover these discussions, and into what ever other territory
> you care to take it, for use by the NFC with education of aquarist in
> mind. Specifically I'd like to see the threats imposed by translocation,
> and why you believe as you do concerning applicable laws. As you say,
> the principal, not the geography.

Jay Delong has broadly recently already done this.  You would be best off to
contact him.  His article was just reproduced in Currents.  You are right
though, it would be good to put something solid together.  I can't make a firm
commitment to this right now as my thesis has to take priority but I'll put it
on my list.  Anyone else can feel free to take this conversation and try and
put something together.  All I'd ask is to be able to see if before it get's

Peter Unmack