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Re: Breeders program....

I quite agree.

	As a update, no further donations will be accepted without a cutoff
date. All donations will be made through a central email location,
nfc_breeders_program at usa_net with NFC BP Donation as the subject in
order to have automatic third party documentation of the transaction for
tax and legal reasons, and will be subject to legal verification. No
shipments will be made without an acceptance form provided by the
applicant as Robert has suggested, with at least the information he has
suggested. No shipments will be recognized as pertaining to the program
unless the proper documents are filed by all persons donating and
receiving. This will be in effect for the time being, until such time
that further planning may be done.

	I apologize for the shoddy appearance of the program. The fact is that
the fish offer was made prior to any details of the program going
through a planning stage, so things sort of got out of hand.

	To remedy this, I have established a BP Executive Committee, that is
named the BPExec Team, that will make recommendations to me concerning
many things, but first and foremost is the necessary planning to get the
program on sound footing, and not just thrown together in a haphazard

BP Exec Team members currently are:

Dwight Moody
Bill Flowers
Terry Mercer

Our first meeting is in progress via email.

And in all things, a baby crawls before he walks, and cries before he
speaks. We WILL get better and do a better job.

Herb Harris

robert a rice wrote:
> Don't mean to be mean Folks :)
> However State and federal agencies are not always happy with ornamental
> keeping of native fishes ....The breeders Program must be fully
> documented to have any chance to prove to the various agencies that
> Aquarist matter. The apathy going on here does no help at all......
> I strongly reccomend a a acceptance form with species listed befor any
> fish are ever shipped again...In my case I have all the proper permits
> but I know the various agencies would frown upon the NFC's piss poor
> documentation and follow through.
> Lets use this lapse to further committ ourselves to to running a tight
> ship that any federal or state agency can look at and have no
> complaints......
> RR
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