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Re: Breeders program....

Yeah, replying to my own post, o well.

Just forgot to add, the eForms for registering your fish need to route
through the

nfc_breeders_program at usa_net

server as well, for third party documentation.

Use the same subject mentioned in my prior post,
NFC BP Fish Registration

I will have Request eForms for anyone (like Tim) that wants to receive
fish that have been donated to the BP, be they from Robert, or Dwight,
or any one that donates fish in a manner that can be easily documented,
such as the method of sending the donation notification to route through
the nfc_breeders_program at usa_net server.

	All 'friendly posts' with donations, lists of fish on hand, lists of
fish that may someday be part of a BP members project, conditions of
fish, shipping arrangements, ect. to me or elsewhere will be ignored as
being unverifiable for legal purposes by the BP, as my mailbox is not an
indifferent third party to the transaction, and therefore technically
invalidated. I have no objections to receiving these posts, as they are
quite informative, but that don't cut cheese for getting the legal stuff
done, and the job done right.

	So, I will go back through all the posts of the last several weeks, and
for ANYONE that has generously donated ANYTHING to the BP, I will send
you a Donation eForm to send to the donation address. Ditto for all
those REQUESTING ANYTHING from ANYONE concerning the BP, especially
fish. This is only necessary for legal standing to be brought up to
date, since the 'friendly post' method has been called into question.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but that's life in this day and age. We
will get it all straight and move on shortly....

	Of course I will forward a copy of all these donations and various
eForms to my box and handle them, just need to 'properly document' the
transaction first. Sort of like going to the courthouse, to the right
office, to file the right form for documenting a transaction as an
example we are all familiar with. Here we just send the email message
with its associated time and id stamps to the right email server, with
the right subject line, using the right eForm for the purpose.

	Keep it simple, right? Yeah, till somebody turns on the fan.


Herb Harris wrote:
> I quite agree.
>         As a update, no further donations will be accepted without a cutoff
> date. All donations will be made through a central email location,
> nfc_breeders_program at usa_net with NFC BP Donation as the subject in
> order to have automatic third party documentation of the transaction for
> tax and legal reasons, and will be subject to legal verification. No
> shipments will be made without an acceptance form provided by the
> applicant as Robert has suggested, with at least the information he has
> suggested. No shipments will be recognized as pertaining to the program
> unless the proper documents are filed by all persons donating and
> receiving. This will be in effect for the time being, until such time
> that further planning may be done.