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Re: Breeders program....

Thanks for the offer Martin, had considered that, but due to the
sometimes complex nature of establishing structure, procedure, and
deliberation in an orderly format, I see the chat as a limitation to the
first rounds of meetings, where we are getting the groundwork laid to
build upon for the future growth that we expect.

I enjoy chat when I can do it, but when I need to think something out,
rephrase, think again, and so on, email works best for me. Chat is sort
of like a phone conversation being different than a face to face
meeting. Face to face I could bring in my presentation, hear others, see
what they propose, on paper or otherwise. Much different than phone
where the key issues are often glossed over in the interplay of
personality and the limitations imposed by the medium.

Email is a bit of a compromise, but not as much as chat or phone to me.
Face to face is of course not going to happen. Costs and logistical
considerations rule it out completely.

Got to get that boy to sleep sooner on Sunday nights, then I could check
out the chat time! The 2 1/2 yr old that is. ":)


D. Martin Moore wrote:
> > Our first meeting is in progress via email.
> I just want to point out that the chat room is always open.  Feel
> free to meet there.
> Prost,
> Martin
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