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-> It absolutly is. As an organization we are infants but from the get 
-> go we planned on making sportfishermen one of our primary focus's. 
-> The aquarist end of things has developed faster becuase frankly I am 
-> an avid aquarist and have the better contacts. Soon I hope sport 
-> fishermen will join our ranks in greater numbers and join the 
-> Fray...... > >Maybe getting the word out to anglers needs to be part 
-> of NFC's and >NANFA's >missions. > > >Mark Binkley >Columbus Ohio USA          
-> <))>< >mbinkley at earthling_net > >Give a man a fish and you feed him 
-> for a day; teach him >to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for 
-> weeks. > > >

 Ok, I will play devil's advocate.  I can see what's in it for native
fish enthusiasts, but seeing what is in it for the beer drinking bass
fishing trophy crowd, is a little harder to see.  If there isnt some
tangible benefit I think it will be hard to make an impact.