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Re: BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission from [klaus.schoening at jungle_org (Segeberger)] (fwd)

> Ok, I will play devil's advocate.  I can see what's in it for native
>fish enthusiasts, but seeing what is in it for the beer drinking bass
>fishing trophy crowd, is a little harder to see.  If there isnt some
>tangible benefit I think it will be hard to make an impact.

Thanks for not taking my comment lightly or on face value,

Well for Bass fishermen or trout fishermen or any sport fishermen for
that matter they basically are enviromentally concerned or they are not.
If they are not then there is little they will do. For the conservation
minded sportsmen there is a lot to get out of the NFC. 

1. Knowledge of non game species their needs habits etc . and what role
they play in creating great sport fishing.

2. Resources for stream/lake restoration. At some point the NFC will be
involved in stream restoration. While cleaning up the stream is an
important step the proccess is not compete until the fish and other
aquatic life are put back in their historic placements.

3. An aquarium reference if they take up studying sport fish in their
home aquarium.

4. Knowing that your helping to conserve places to fish so your
grandchildren can enjoy your hobby.

5. Inevitably their will be a sport fishermens wing of the NFC much like
the Aquarist wing that has started here. With it's own email list,
auctions , and interests. If Bass PRo shops for instance steps up and
supports the NFC we will grow quickly in our sport fishermen membership.
They will speak up (rather loudly I think :) ) when it comes time to
purchase land for conservation and NFC use.

Thats just off the top of my head. I think the NFC will have some neat
stuff to offer 4H members, Boy/Girl Scouts and other student
organizations but then that is another post.

Thanks  again,


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