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June NFC Auction Lot 1

Hi all,

	For those of you interested, the Native Fish Conservancy (NFC), a non
profit conservation organization, is holding a Fish eAuction.
	These fish were taken from the wild in Florida, as a part of the NFC
Exotic Removal Program. Help save our native fish! Buy and remove from
the wild these "exotic", non native fish. All money goes to help
continuing efforts to conserve our natural heritage and our native fish.

	Currently for sale, 12 wild caught jewel fish.
	One buyer takes all. 

        NFC Fish Auction Buyer's Agreement:

	AUCTION RULES:  All bids must be posted to nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net
with BID June NFC Auction Lot 1 as the subject. Bids not routed to this
destination, with this subject line, are not valid. Only bids for the
entire lot are valid. Only bids in US funds are valid. Highest Bidder at
the end of time period will be declared the buyer. In the case of a tie,
the time stamp on your email will be used to determine the first Highest
Bidder, who will then be declared Buyer. All Bids good until end of sale
declared. In the event the declared buyer does not confirm the purchase,
or is invalidated for whatever reason, the next bidder in standing will
be declared the buyer. This will continue until the sale is confirmed
and the buyer is validated to met all legal requirements, at which time
the sale will be declared by the NFC Auctioneer to be over. The final
buyer will then be contacted about shipping particulars.
        TERMS OF SALE: Buyer pays all shipping costs, all fish are sold
as is, arrival condition not guaranteed, all sales final. Payment in US
funds only. Personal checks and money orders accepted only if made out
to Native Fish Conservancy. All state and federal restrictions apply to
sale, import, and possession of these fish. No shipments made to or from
where prohibited. NFC shipper's state of residence holds primary
jurisdiction.  Shipment made to the confirmed final buyer after receipt
and verification of payment.
	NFC "ONCE CAUGHT, NEVER RETURN" POLICY: Buyer agrees to "Never release
to the wild any of these fish, or any offspring of these fish, unless
directed to do so by the proper state or federal authorities having
	LIABILITY CLAUSE: Participation in bidding acknowledges acceptance of
all of the above, and the bidder agrees to abide by the Auction Rules,
Terms of Sale, and NFC "ONCE CAUGHT, NEVER RETURN" POLICY. Bidders and
ALL participants further agree that NFC and those members of NFC
conducting the Auction, or any NFC member participating in any way shall
not be held liable for any damages of any sort whatsoever.

	Time period will be now till 6pm Central Time, June 5, 1998.

	We will start off at $3 per fish, which is $36 for the lot.

	To see the current (updated twice a day) Highest Bid, and other
important NFC eAuction messages, visit the NFC eAuction webpage:


	For those not having web access, direct email to:

		nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net

	with Highest Bid Question as the subject line.

	To learn more about NFC, visit our web site,


	or write to:

		us_fish at usa_net

	Comments pertaining to any NFC Fish eAuction may be directed to:

		nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net

	with Comment as the subject line.

Note: any email sent to nfc_fish_eauction at usa_net that does not have
either BID June NFC Auction Lot 1, Highest Bid Question, or Comment as
the subject line is subject to automatic filtered rejection.

Please pass this along to any list, group or individual where it is