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Re: collecting exotics for resale

Hi all,

	Lots of good ideas, huh? I'd like to know others thoughts on whether
the collection of exotics might serve us better as its own program, or
whether it would be more fitting to fall under the Breeders Club? I have
no problem with it going under the admin of the Breeders Club, but seems
to me that it would call for someone to take the coordination of these
efforts that is directly involved in this program, either on the sales,
but in my opinion on the collection side.
	Part of the coordination could come in the simple form of setting up a
"wanted" list, posted on the list, gathered from the Gee Whiz inquiries,
the folks at the sales end of the program, and individual NFC members
that know someone interested (clubs, or whomever) in specific fish.
Those folks that can be contacted might be advised the fish collected
are on a first come, first served basis, with no guarantees that the
particular fish they are interested in can be found in a reasonable
period of time, since the collectors are after all volunteering time as
they can to collect.
	The flip side is of course posting an "Exotics For Sale" section on the
list and the web site, a "we have xyz fish in 123 numbers that we can
hold for 10 (or whatever) days." Then as someone inquires about what you
DO have, it can be moved relatively rapidly as demand is already there.
It's just the wait till the buyer shows that's the problem here. Can
only hold the fish for so long before expenses mount. That's why I
suggest the coordination of these efforts come from someone directly
involved in the collecting end, they know what they have, and how long
the fish will keep before it costs more than they are worth to us,
equipment wise and time wise.
	Both methods can be used, after all, one of the reasons this sort of
thing was not practical in days gone by was the lack of a cheap means
for the speedy exchange of information between the "haves" and the
"wants". The list and the website provide us with just that advantage.
	Of course, all the fish we deal with, exotics, wild caught natives, and
those reared by the Breeders Club program can be used to generate
revenue, through these and other ways. Its just at some point the
revenue must be spent on projects that do the good things we have set
out to do for the fish to begin with, while continuing to fund growth of
the revenue producing projects. A sort of delicate, maybe even
precarious, balance if not done right. Someone has to mind the store. To
do that they would have to have a fairly good grasp of what the
collected revenues are, current revenues coming in, and be able to
reasonably predict a projected income base to budget from. Any
accountants handy?
	I'm sure others have good ideas to pass along regarding this, so I'll
sit back and listen for a while.


Phylesis at aol_com wrote:
>                         Hey Josh,
>                  Since I'm the one collecting them from the wilds of
> S. Florida"s waters, perhaps I should be the one to field the requests.
> Also, concidering the amount of interest being generated,
> is NFC interested in arranging thier sale.
>                                         Let me know,
>                                                                 Daryl

robert a rice wrote:
> Breeders Club Fans
> I can bet the world there will be no regulations against importing of
> tropicals into any northern states. They are of course allready doing it
> via the pet trade. So us collecting, removing and selling exotics will
> fit well into most exsisting laws.
> What I'd like to see the NFC do is cater to the specialty aquarist who
> wants wild caught specimens. We could sell them via the web site this
> list or simple word of mouth. IF and I say IF we can sell 150 fish per
> month at an average sale price of 3 bucks a fish plus shipping we would
> produce 5400 bucks a year.
> That money would be divided up some to breeders awards, costs and some I
> reccomend be set aside for specific conservation projects and not be put
> in the general fund were it would simply dissapear.  I think the Breeders
> club should fund projects that they think are worth while. You will need
> a BOT ok on spending the money but if its reasonable it wont be a
> problem.
> Imagine the day the breeders club buys land in partnership with the
> Nature Conservancy, sets up a display at a nature center, helps to
> restablish a species in a historic watershed , works together with a
> river  organization to bring a small creek back to life. It can easily
> happen......
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