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Re: collecting exotics for resale

Phylesis wrote:

>                 Hey guys,
>                   An auction sounds great, we need to know
> your states regulations
> concerning the importation of exotics, if any,
> and I need to know how many fish you could expect to move.
> There is a growing interest in this program, encouraging.
> :)
> As we get closer to the timing on this I will be able to
> supply you with a
> list of what we have available to send out. I was also
> under the impression
> that the exotics would not survive winters in the north,
> hence the reason we
> seem to specificaly target the region for redistribution.
> Is this true? If
> not, we should include as a stipulation of distribution a
> "no return" policy
> and give the parties recieving the fish an open door to
> resell or return them
> for redistribution.
>         Robert, what would the feasability of seeding
> areas where we've been able to
> significantly resduced exotic populations with natives? It
> would give our
> natives a fighting chance in gaining back thier
> territories. Just a thought. I
> have a few more ideas in development. Details on that
> later.
> Daryl


     Our auctions vary between 1200 and 1500 bags of fish.
They start at 11:00 A.M.and go
until all items are sold. The exotics that you could provide
would strictly be for aquarium use.
I talked to a pet shop owner and he is interested in the
exotics that you might have. He said that he orders fish
from Florida fish farms occasionally and doesn't need a
permit to receive them. I am also waiting on a call back
from the lady that runs the nongame fish department about
some of the laws. I will also talk to another shop owner and
see if he is interestedin any of the fish. A word of WARNING
these shop owners will be comparing your prices with their
whole sale prices.  I believe that is all for now, but it
doesn't seem to be a problem shipping fish into the state

           A fish addict,
           Bill Flowers

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