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Re: Re: collecting exotics for resale

		Hey guys,
	          An auction sounds great, we need to know your states regulations
concerning the importation of exotics, if any,
and I need to know how many fish you could expect to move.
There is a growing interest in this program, encouraging.  :)
As we get closer to the timing on this I will be able to supply you with a
list of what we have available to send out. I was also under the impression
that the exotics would not survive winters in the north, hence the reason we
seem to specificaly target the region for redistribution. Is this true? If
not, we should include as a stipulation of distribution a "no return" policy
and give the parties recieving the fish an open door to resell or return them
for redistribution.
	Robert, what would the feasability of seeding areas where we've been able to
significantly resduced exotic populations with natives? It would give our
natives a fighting chance in gaining back thier territories. Just a thought. I
have a few more ideas in development. Details on that later.