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Re: collecting exotics for resale

Breeders Club Fans

I can bet the world there will be no regulations against importing of
tropicals into any northern states. They are of course allready doing it
via the pet trade. So us collecting, removing and selling exotics will
fit well into most exsisting laws.

What I'd like to see the NFC do is cater to the specialty aquarist who
wants wild caught specimens. We could sell them via the web site this
list or simple word of mouth. IF and I say IF we can sell 150 fish per
month at an average sale price of 3 bucks a fish plus shipping we would
produce 5400 bucks a year. 

That money would be divided up some to breeders awards, costs and some I
reccomend be set aside for specific conservation projects and not be put
in the general fund were it would simply dissapear.  I think the Breeders
club should fund projects that they think are worth while. You will need
a BOT ok on spending the money but if its reasonable it wont be a

Imagine the day the breeders club buys land in partnership with the
Nature Conservancy, sets up a display at a nature center, helps to
restablish a species in a historic watershed , works together with a
river  organization to bring a small creek back to life. It can easily

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