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Exotic removal program

Hi Folks,

Looks like we are onto something special here with the exotic resale
program. Imagine the day when all the proceeds are enough to buy a spring
somewhere that houses a unique species !! It will happen.

No just so folks don't think I am a horrible mean person. I throw exotics
away for 1 reason, the streams they dominate in are usually so full of
heavy metals that the have a no eat policy wich also makes them
unacceptable to most zoo's

Now if someone finds a beter way to dispose of them by all means do so.
My only rule is once caught never returned. It's a rule we should

On a personal note I want to sy thank you to the many folks who have sent
me messages in the last month or so giving me encouragement to carry on
and to let me know my writings have had a positive impact on their
outlook enviromentally speaking. As some of you may know this last year
many times I have felt like a voice in the wilderness. Through the
rejection and fire that followed the desire to make things better was
purified and from that the NFC was born. Many folks have sacrificed to
make the NFC and I THANK YOU . I believe that ordinary people can do
extraordinary things when given the chance . NFC is that
chance........Off my soapbox back down to the creek where I belong :)

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