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like you, robt rice generated an interest for me and his articles have
helped us with our "farm pond" making it healthy and proper environment
proved invaluable. i'm sorry i've been so silent the past year almost but
the studio has been very busy and i broke a few ribs recently so have more
time at the computer terminal for the next few weeks. i think my membership
in nanfa is current but if its not i hope somebody will let me know.

we're going to be organizing a collecting trip along the stones river
between murfreesboro, tn and lebanon, tn sometime in mid june when my ribs
heal up. over the winter we put in two nice tanks up hill from the pond and
cycle water from the well which is dropped into an underground lake about
150 feet down. my main interest is sunfish and in particular bluegill.

anyway, if you're in chattanooga for the trip its only another hour or so to
the stones river. there's a great site for netting small natives just off
231 about 10 miles north of murfreesboro.

if there's anyone in the area who's interested in going along drop me an


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>To the point, I currently live in the Sarasota, Florida area, but will
>shortly be returning to Chattanooga, Tennessee. While I will have time