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Re: blueheads


Its very difficult .....You must simply ask the person heading up the
breeders club to join it. A brief history of what youve bred and what
you'd like to breed would be helpfull......SInce we are so new at this i
am the breeders club starting point...I will be HAPPY to give up this
position for qualified person. It is gonna be a very neat way for
aquarist to do what they like to do, help the native fish, help the NFC,
and build up some much needed life histories..

the life histories will be placed on the website organized by genus and

BTW the website will soon be moving to its permanant location , a
location with unlimited space so we are gonna put all of Garolds Sneegas
photos up in a gallery. Garold asked us if  he could have more room to
display his work and solicite commercial accounts and we were happy to
accomidate him...So over the next month or 2 you will see some dramatic
improvements to the website it will be the largest native fish website on
the web with massive links, articles, and a several hundred photo gallery
...so if you have some cool native fish, conservation or aquarium links
drop em here to the list....

we also will be putting up a friends of the NFC area where bussiness that
support the NFC can get a free add as our way of thanking them...We hope
that NFC members would support those bussiness.. We have also  landed a
printer for our publications and with our not for profit status they were
 willing to give us printing ,collating and mailing at 1/5 of what it
would normally cost..So we can really save our money for the important
stuff the fishes !!!

.enough bussiness for this week back to fish talk.....:)

On Fri, 15 May 1998 16:01:57 -0600 (MDT) Josh Wiegert
<jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com> writes:
>How exactly does one get into the breeders club?
>J. L. 
>On Fri, 15 May 1998, robert a rice wrote:
>> Hello Herb and the list,
>> There is basically 2 approaches you can go about to get the money
>> together to further breeding of this fish. 1st is join the breeders
>> club(wich has no members yet but heck were only 2 weeks old) each 
>> you earn =s 1$ in MOPS gift certificates. SO any successfull spawn 
>of any
>> species = 10 points, a bonus yet to be determined of X points would 
>> added for difficulty unusual nature of the species etc....You must
>> document the life  histories and breeding habits of the shiner. Then 
>> you raise up the fry to a shipable size NFC gets half of the stock 
>> sell on the website or email list. The other half are yours to sell,
>> trade eat ,...whatever . Of course all parties no matter what we do 
>> all the permits...
>> Option 2 Make a grant proposal to the NFC. For instance I want XXXX 
>> to help breeding of the XYZ Fish. I have successfully bred XYZDFG. 
>> doing so it will benifit the species and greater conservation in XYZ
>> manners. (life historys, public outreach etc etc) ....We would then 
>> together with the state of Arkansas Fisheries shareing your data 
>> anyone who wants it and the fry if successfully bred will be used in 
>> way the DNR says is appropriate. If they say anything but release 
>them as
>> is often the case we would funnell them through the website silent
>> auction etc...If they say kill em we would kill em ...if they say 
>> em we restock....either way the euqipment is yours to keep...In 
>> option the NFC hopes to make money to further other projects and 
>> purchases....A lot of people have bought into this myth that 
>> use of fisheries is bad. Look around folks the land is going fast 
>and if
>> we cant afford to buy it as a preservation tool we wont be able to
>> collect much 30 years from now !!

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