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Re: blueheads

Hi Robert and all,

	Just wondering if a couple (or whatever) of us might pool resources to
go in for a grant application together? I've already been contacted by
one list member that suggested a pooling of resources in a round about
	As I said before, I's not a biologist, and am not familiar with grant
proposals and such stuff, but I do know where to find some good looking
	Not much experience breeding fish other than livebearers, and that is
more standing out of the way than anything else. The Bluehead behavior
that I observed in the wild before attempting to take any fish for
collecting seems that these guys aren't extremely picky as far as
breeding conditions go - I have seen them come into a mudbottom shallow
flat where the water temp is up during April and May and a male  will
defend a small territory near some vegetation (though one was over a
stick) and best as I could tell females came to him. A lot of tank
observation needs to be done on this though. Anyone else have any
experience with these fish?
	I can write up a life history easily enough, once I fully know it, but
some of you guys that have more savvy with the grant thing might want to
speak up here?
	See, I can go slow and just build up a working stock of fish and supply
whomever as that develops, but the foot dragging of permit granting
agencies is my problem. Sort of need some help there. The fellow I
talked to that everyone said is "the guy you need to talk to," in
Fisheries, is Mike Gibson (sp: Gipson?). He was familiar with the idea
of keeping native fish, even recognized your name Robert - I hope you
don't mind that I used your name and NANFA at the time, since NFC didn't
exist then. He was cooperative, and friendly, though a bit taken aback
that someone wanted to raise native fish for "strictly aquarium trade,"
as the Arkansas regulations provide an exception to the granting of fish
farm permits for non natives for this reason, so I asked him will they
do the same for native species as well. He asked me to write a letter
outlining my proposal, and I did, but no word back yet. Mike said he is
a NANFA member, so I figured he at least would be inclined to give me a
hearing on the matter. Not to bring heat here! He seems like a fair guy
when I talked to him on the phone. There may be more involved to this
than I know.
	Maybe some of you guys know him? I remember a post from a few months
ago that he made on the NANFA list, but wouldn't you know it - I erased
a bunch of "clutter" off my mail files, so lost his email address.
	I know everyone is pressed for time, but if anyone can maybe look up
that post it would be helpful! A shame more server side mail programs
don't adapt well to archives! I still have his work phone number if his
email address can't be rounded up, but I hate to keep pouring money down
the hole, you know?
	BTW: I apologize to the list for mixing business off another list here,
but as is my case, I suppose a bunch of you guys are subed to both
lists. If anyone is offended, just overlook me - I's just a good ole boy
at heart. I would post to the NANFA list, but some of those guys have
expressed a bit of (frustration?) over posting anything to do with NFC
business prior to this, and I really don't want to get them stirred up
over there! And to just ask for a member's email address without
explanation doesn't seem cool to me, maybe someone here can help out?
	Anyway, what ya think? Maybe?


robert a rice wrote:
> Hello Herb and the list,
> There is basically 2 approaches you can go about to get the money
> together to further breeding of this fish. 1st is join the breeders
> club(wich has no members yet but heck were only 2 weeks old) each point
> you earn =s 1$ in MOPS gift certificates. SO any successfull spawn of any
> species = 10 points, a bonus yet to be determined of X points would be
> added for difficulty unusual nature of the species etc....You must
> document the life  histories and breeding habits of the shiner. Then when
> you raise up the fry to a shipable size NFC gets half of the stock to
> sell on the website or email list. The other half are yours to sell,
> trade eat ,...whatever . Of course all parties no matter what we do need
> all the permits...
> Option 2 Make a grant proposal to the NFC. For instance I want XXXX $'s
> to help breeding of the XYZ Fish. I have successfully bred XYZDFG. By
> doing so it will benifit the species and greater conservation in XYZ
> manners. (life historys, public outreach etc etc) ....We would then work
> together with the state of Arkansas Fisheries shareing your data with
> anyone who wants it and the fry if successfully bred will be used in any
> way the DNR says is appropriate. If they say anything but release them as
> is often the case we would funnell them through the website silent
> auction etc...If they say kill em we would kill em ...if they say restock
> em we restock....either way the euqipment is yours to keep...In either
> option the NFC hopes to make money to further other projects and land
> purchases....A lot of people have bought into this myth that commercial
> use of fisheries is bad. Look around folks the land is going fast and if
> we cant afford to buy it as a preservation tool we wont be able to
> collect much 30 years from now !!
> snip<

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