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Re: blueheads


Typically laws concerning wildlife only apply to the state in wich the
animal currently resides .For instance lets say the deer season in
Missouri is Aug 1-23, Yet in the neighboring state of Kansas the hunting
season is july15-aug 12 ( i made the dates up :)  )  So Joe Buck  has a
territory  that covers parts of Mo. and  Ks. ...Joe depending on where he
is standing could be in for a long hunting season. Now farmer Bob who
also lives on the border must have a permit for each state if he chooses
to hunt in each state and if ole' Joe Buck is standing on the wrong side
of the border when BOb puts him in his sights he cant shoot em Period
otherwise he is apoacher and is subjet ot serious penalties....Joe Buck
sadly has not read the hunting manuals for KS/Mo so he is in for a long

In regards to fish in most cases if it is not a resident species it is
not regulated for instance in VT. you can sell heterandria formosa all
you want as they are a non native species and are considered the same as
tropicals.Heck you could buy em from me who wild collects em and the only
legal entity that would be involved would be the Florida folks who would
want ot make sure I have the proper licenses and am following the law.
Exceptions are many western states wich are heading towards a total ban
of non nantive species...So in the Bluehead shiner case Herb could send
them to me and I sell them or he may very well be able to sell them
himself a little research will straighten that all out. the most
important thing for the NFC is we communicate honestly what we are doing
to the regulatory agencies and follow the letter of the law period ....


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