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Re: blueheads

How exactly does one get into the breeders club?
J. L. 
On Fri, 15 May 1998, robert a rice wrote:

> Hello Herb and the list,
> There is basically 2 approaches you can go about to get the money
> together to further breeding of this fish. 1st is join the breeders
> club(wich has no members yet but heck were only 2 weeks old) each point
> you earn =s 1$ in MOPS gift certificates. SO any successfull spawn of any
> species = 10 points, a bonus yet to be determined of X points would be
> added for difficulty unusual nature of the species etc....You must
> document the life  histories and breeding habits of the shiner. Then when
> you raise up the fry to a shipable size NFC gets half of the stock to
> sell on the website or email list. The other half are yours to sell,
> trade eat ,...whatever . Of course all parties no matter what we do need
> all the permits...
> Option 2 Make a grant proposal to the NFC. For instance I want XXXX $'s
> to help breeding of the XYZ Fish. I have successfully bred XYZDFG. By
> doing so it will benifit the species and greater conservation in XYZ
> manners. (life historys, public outreach etc etc) ....We would then work
> together with the state of Arkansas Fisheries shareing your data with
> anyone who wants it and the fry if successfully bred will be used in any
> way the DNR says is appropriate. If they say anything but release them as
> is often the case we would funnell them through the website silent
> auction etc...If they say kill em we would kill em ...if they say restock
> em we restock....either way the euqipment is yours to keep...In either
> option the NFC hopes to make money to further other projects and land
> purchases....A lot of people have bought into this myth that commercial
> use of fisheries is bad. Look around folks the land is going fast and if
> we cant afford to buy it as a preservation tool we wont be able to
> collect much 30 years from now !!

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