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Re: Tadpole dilemna.......

Assuming that you have tadpoles, it is my understanding that they will 
do quite nicely in a shallow water situation with a muddy bottom with 
lots of algae to munch on.  Would probably eat some flake food, also.  
The eggs could also be other creatures, such as fish, salamanders, etc., 
but you may not be able to discern this until they hatch. Could allow 
them to hatch and/or raise them in either a pond or a wading pool in a 
semi-shady area.

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>	Hi Folks,
>this is only slightly related, but your help will be greatly 
appreciated. I
>woke yesterday morning to a tank full of eggs,
>pessumedly from one of our amphibious friends. The 5 gal tank I was 
using as a
>holding tank for starter plants I've collected.(aquatics) I have moved 
them to
>bucket and am now in the position of playing steward to these 
>little monsters.  What do I feed them???? An odd posting 
>I know, but I created the curcumstances that resulted in this
>situation and am therefore responsible for thier care. Any
>serious responses welcome.    Thanks 
>													Daryl

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