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Re: Catching Sunnies

Suggest making a pitstop at the local tackle store and acquiring a copy 
of the Maryland fishing regulations.  In some states (like VT) sunnies 
are regulated as a gamefish, which can only be taken by angling (after 
purchase of a fishing license) or under a scientific collection permit.  
Assuming that sunnies are game fish in MD, I would look for some small 
barbless hooks and some small live bait, such as mealworms, redworms, 
etc. When fishing, try to set the hook ASAP to reduce the chance of the 
fish swallowing the bait or getting hooked deep in the throat. After 
capture, try to put the fish in a holding bucket and unhook them without 
having to grab them with dry, bare hands, which removes their protective 
slime layer. If you can't unhook them without handling, use wet hands 
and keep it to a minimum.

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>Hi, all!
>Just joined this list & I'm diving headlong into this world of native
>fishkeeping after 20+ years of the tropicals.  I'm keeping the warm 
>guys, but I've just bought a 75 gal & I'd like to try Sunfish.  I live 
>MD. & as a kid, remember loads of Sunnies in the lakes & reservoirs.  
>anyone shoot some tips my way about catching the juveniles?  Nets, 
>traps/bait, transportation?  Thanks a ton!  As soon as I get this 75
>cycled, I plan to hit the reservoir.

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