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Catfish Available

Two big catfish need to go!

These are apparently an ornamental strain of Ameiurus nebulosus, the Brown
Bullhead.  I bought them as 3" juveniles from a local pet shop.  They have
an attractive, bold, black, grey and white mottling on them and have grown
quite a bit.  One is about 12", the other about 16" long.  They love pellet
food and anything else they can grab.  Good for ponds or large tanks.

I will take any reasonable offer and will try to arrange shipping.
Probably will require a large box and plenty of air.

If you're interested, let me know this week or they're going to auction on
Saturday (5-2-98)!

Mark Binkley                 mbinkley at earthling_net
21 Orchard Drive
Worthington OH 43085         Phone   Home:  614-844-6042
USA                                  Work:  614-292-1284