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Call to action...........Pass on to friends etc......

Hello NFC Folks,

Things are progressing well with in the NFC. It looks like we are well on
track to 1000 members within the next 6 months. Wich is very good news. 

We need help in several areas so I will list em and please feel free to
talk to me privatly about any questions concerns you may have
(robertrice at juno_com )

Local volunteers: 

NFC is a grass roots conservation organization wich basically means that
we believe the best way to motivate the public to get involved in fish
conservation is at the local level. You wont hear much from your national
leaders. So reach out to your neighbors, your kids other civic
/conservation groups.The boy Scout troop, 4H club, Local grade school are
all great places to get started. Take the kids out collecting it is one
of the most valuable things you can do to let them see first hand that
these fish are real and these fish are important. NFC was set up to
finacially support activities like this. So volunteer please.....

Outreach volunteers:

Real simple pass out those fliers , applications etc to every suitable
pet store, garden center, nature center, regional magazine and any school
you can find. NFC will in most cases cover the printing cost and you will
find folks with a similar interest coming out of the wood work !!!...BTW
contact your local newspaper tell em about the NFC and those local
fishes. In many cases NFC can provide suitable photos for an article...

National Leaders : 

You an upstart conservation minded individual with the energy and
positive attitude to do something more than just watch the water go by. 

Us an upstart new conservation organization with lotsa energy and a
positive attitude to do something more that just watch the water go
by......Hmmmm Maybe we should talk....:)           We need alternate BOT
members, additional administrative personell and fresh approaches to
conservation and outreach....Salary   double the Presidents current NFC
salary :)

Serious Minded Aquarist:

We are in need of folks to run a breeders club. You can breed native
fishes document your results and help fill in the life histories of our
local species. All the while improving public awareness, continuing in
your hobby and earning equipment grants to further your success. Heres
how it would work each documented successfull spawn by a NFC breeders
club member is worth 10 points minimum with bonus points for difficulty
volumne etc. You turn 50% of your suitably sized young over to the NFC .
Then you can sell, trade, eat whatever is ecologically legally and
ethicaly the right thing to do with the other 50%. The NFC will use those
young to produce funds to further support conservation projects via our
silent auction. You collect points until you get above 20 then you can
cash them in at anytime for 1$ a point in Mail Order Petshop gift
certificates. For example I have 48 points well 48 points= a 48$ gift
certificate from MOPS. You wont get wealthy doing this but you can
support your hobby and conservation at the same time........

Thats it for now..... conservation is  passion and vision applied.

Robert Rice

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