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Re: Telnet Instructions (Was Introductions)

Its rather simple to connect, though you do need a telnet client.  common
telnet clients are Ewan (Though its slow), zMUD, gMUD, and TinyFugue for
windows, Rapscallion and a few others for MACs, telnet and tf (TinyFugure)
for Linux/Unix,/etc.  
To connect, you simply open up your client, and ifill in the blank spots.
The adress is nexus.v-wave.com, the port is 7000.  It is important that
you put in the 7000.  If not, one of two things will happen, it won't
work, or it will try to connect you to port 23, whi ch is the UNIX prompt.
You won't be able to connect there.  
If you don't hve a spot for the port, you'll have to experiment.  Try
nexus.v-wave.com 70000, ...com:7000 or ...com/7000 as the adress.You
should then get some ascii art of fish, saying "Welcome to SomeThing
Fishy."  If you get something about Welcome to the neXus, you did it
wrong, and are trying to connect to the unix prompt.  
It should prompt you for a name.  Enter one.  It should then ask you for a
password, after informing you you're a new user.  Enter it, and remember
it.  This prompt is case sensitive (passWord and password are different).
Confirm your password, and you're in. 
The least step is to figure out what you're doing now.  :)  Type in .help
commands.  This will give you a list of available commands.  All commands
start with a . (dot).
Its as easy as that.  Right now, the server is undergoing some work, and
may shut down the talker now and again, but this should be fixed soon.
j. L. Wiegert