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FW: ALA Akron (Cross post from livebearers at aquaria_net)

>Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 08:56:51 -0700
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>Subject: FW: ALA Akron (Cross post from livebearers at aquaria_net)
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>The blocks of 'foam' in the bags absorb the ammonia products of the
>fish, thereby reducing stress. They've been on the market at least 5
>years, and those who ship fish often use it.
>The breathable bags were started by Kordon, and work well for live food.
>Many aquarists are using them on collecting trips with great success. I
>got 5 bags from Rusty, and only one had a problem (probably overcrowded
>anyway) and lost the bag--the livebearers packed that way did not have a
>problem (1 bag) until the evening of the 28th)--and that was it was
>being floated, so air exchange was reduced.
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>>Subject:       ALA Akron (Cross post from livebearers at aquaria_net)
>>>Hi Mark,
>>>Why don't you give us a brief accounting of your experience there?  I would
>>>love to here how the event went.
>>Well, I really just dropped in on Saturday to check out the show entries.
>>I know this event is a good opportunity to see live specimens of fishes
>>that most people will never see.  Fortunately, lots of the ALA people are
>>into collecting and maintaining the unusual and neglected wild livebearers
>>from all over the Americas and the Caribbean.  I'm sure someone else on the
>>list (livebearers at aquaria_net) can talk more about the ALA activities and
>>I did get to see some unusual species, most of which I was not familiar
>>with.  I think it was Mike Schadle had a big display of used books from
>>which I selected The Inland Fishes of Washington.  Kingfish Services had
>>their customary displays and donations of new manufacturers' samples.
>>These were auctioned off with many, many bags of common, rare and unusual
>>livebearers.  I was hoping to get a bag of Priapella intermedia so my
>>single female would have some company.  I didn't want to pay the price for
>>the first few bags that came up though, so I passed.
>>I guess Rusty Wessel, famed fish hunter, also donated lots of wild caught
>>specimens including some cichlids.  He used the breathable bags and also
>>included some kind of sponge material for absorbing ammonia?  Anybody
>>familiar with that?
>>Anyway, another cool fish event.  Definitely check out ALA when you can.
>>Mark Binkley
>>Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>>mbinkley at earthling_net
>>Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him
>>to use "the Net" and he won't bother you for weeks.