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"Sam Beavin" <sbeavin at serv_net>: Re: LawrenceT5 at aol_com: Re: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs

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Regarding filtration--  Last weekend. to paraphrase, I went to the
mountain.  Got to spend 2 days at Marineland / Aquaria, Inc. ; The
Bio-wheel people.   Must admit that I am one of the west coast Marineland
ambassadors so you may feel that I have a bias toward their/our products;
and rightly so.  The tanks in all the offices are the nicest tanks I've
ever seen.  When the powers that be were asked about the maintenance
schedule and so on we were given the following information.  Since ALL
tanks on sight are part of continuing research the schedule is as
Every three weeks there is a 1/3 water change and the filtering material
changed.  Of course the water is the same type as is in the tank (salt in
salt;  Amazon type for Amazon; alkaline for the cichlids and so on).  The
Biowheels are the secret here.  They work well, have no maintenance and
keep the ammonia and nitrites in line.  The bio load in these tanks is
high--even the saltwater tanks and they all look terrific.  If you have
questions e-mail and I will send all the information I can .  Will scan
OCR company brochures and send as attachments.
No wonder my tanks look so good:>)   And yes I'm also a new member of
Sam Beavin
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> Subject: LawrenceT5 at aol_com: Re: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and
native frogs
> Date: Thursday, June 26, 1997 12:38 PM
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> One thing I would take issue with is the need for a thick gravel layer
> and
> undergravel filter.  I've been keeping fish - both exotic and native -
> since
> 1956 and stopped using undergravel filters in the 1970's.  They're a
> waste of
> time and money that eventually muck up and cause catastrophic problems.

> If
> you need to have a gravel bed, put a sponge filter such as the Jungle
> dirt
> magnet under the gravel.  You can pull and re-sink this filter without
> disturbing the rest of the tank and the sponge provides plenty of
> area for nitrification bacteria.
> Very few natural area have thick layers of gravel.  You can use a
> gravel, lot's of rocks, and put your plants in small pots to give you a
> versitile setup with little maintenance.
> Best wishes;
> <<** Larry **>>
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