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Re: NANFA-- New pumpkinseed set-up Q's and native frogs

One thing I would take issue with is the need for a thick gravel layer and
undergravel filter.  I've been keeping fish - both exotic and native - since
1956 and stopped using undergravel filters in the 1970's.  They're a waste of
time and money that eventually muck up and cause catastrophic problems.  If
you need to have a gravel bed, put a sponge filter such as the Jungle dirt
magnet under the gravel.  You can pull and re-sink this filter without
disturbing the rest of the tank and the sponge provides plenty of surface
area for nitrification bacteria.

Very few natural area have thick layers of gravel.  You can use a little
gravel, lot's of rocks, and put your plants in small pots to give you a
versitile setup with little maintenance.

Best wishes;

<<** Larry **>>