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Re: NFC: My first outing of the year

    Im headed out creeking this afternoon by which
time I hope the snow/mud tracks are dryed out enough
to get the old pu back out .
--- mcclurg luke e <mcclurgl at washburn_edu> wrote:
> Well, the bug finally got the better of me and off I
> went to do a little
> collecting this afternoon.  First stop, my favorite
> darter
> site...disapointing as there were some folks there
> picnicing and I don't
> like collecting there with other people around plus
> the bank was still
> pretty muddy, so I moved on.  Next, a spot where I
> collect Southern
> Redbelly Dace.  I looked down from the bridge and
> yep, there they were in
> a hole in the little creek.  So, I stopped at the
> landowners house to
> reaquaint myself to them for a minute.  Had a nice
> conversation with the
> lady of the farm and then went down and set a trap. 
> Then, over to a low
> water bridge nearby that has some public access to
> see if any sunfish were
> stirring yet.  I dropped a trap there for about 40
> minutes and
> "dinked" around with the dipnet a bit, saw a nice
> young White Sucker, but
> he was too quick for me.  Finally pulled up the trap
> and it was empty but
> that didn't surprise me.  Drove back to check the
> other trap and it only
> had two fishe in it. One nice large Dace and one
> female Red Shiner.  Okay,
> so it wasn't a blockbuster trip...but I finally got
> out.  heheheh
> Luke

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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