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NFC: My first outing of the year

Well, the bug finally got the better of me and off I went to do a little
collecting this afternoon.  First stop, my favorite darter
site...disapointing as there were some folks there picnicing and I don't
like collecting there with other people around plus the bank was still
pretty muddy, so I moved on.  Next, a spot where I collect Southern
Redbelly Dace.  I looked down from the bridge and yep, there they were in
a hole in the little creek.  So, I stopped at the landowners house to
reaquaint myself to them for a minute.  Had a nice conversation with the
lady of the farm and then went down and set a trap.  Then, over to a low
water bridge nearby that has some public access to see if any sunfish were
stirring yet.  I dropped a trap there for about 40 minutes and
"dinked" around with the dipnet a bit, saw a nice young White Sucker, but
he was too quick for me.  Finally pulled up the trap and it was empty but
that didn't surprise me.  Drove back to check the other trap and it only
had two fishe in it. One nice large Dace and one female Red Shiner.  Okay,
so it wasn't a blockbuster trip...but I finally got out.  heheheh