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Re: NFC: Nominations, Two.

Good afternoon folks.  It's the oversight police again.

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 20:26, Joshua Wiegert wrote:

> This is a present up-date as to who is running.....  This is the last day to
> e-mail any nominations, so GET THEM OUT NOW. :)

This made a lot of sense until you add the numbers:

> Nominated and Accepted.
> Robert Rice, President (still only presidential candidate. Everyone else for
> the board.)
> Paul Sachs
> Konrad Schmidt
> Luke McClurg

That gives you four people running for the board out of five open slots
(three officers, two alternates)

> Nominated and not YET accepted -- please contact me as to whether or not
> you're going to.
> Sajjad Lateef
> Joe T.

Sajjad has since declined.  So now it will be quite impossible to fill
the five seats with the current lineup, even if Joe runs.

Believe it or not, I do want to help.  I wrote to Josh, and offered my
own time for the next round of elections.  I had no illusions that the
majority of people listed above would elect me into one of the officer
positions but I'd at least be willing to sit in as an alternate in case
we lose another officer like we did with our treasurer.

Josh is a very reasonable guy, IMHO, but he felt he couldn't make the
decision on his own.  He went back to RR and asked if my name should be
included on the ballot.  Our president said "no".

It's not like the ballot has gone out or anything.  And it's not like
there are already enough names to fill the available seats.  I honestly
think if it were anyone else stepping forward, that they would have been
included on the ballot.  Instead, Mr. Rice would rather *appoint* the
two alternates to the BOD.

After the last bit of controversy that surrounded the mismanagement of
our club, I was disappointed in Mr. Rice's handling of the matter but
satisfied that he would try to fix the situation.  Now I am not so
sure.  This, my fellow fish heads, is an example of politics at work. 
Instead of accepting a volunteer into an alternate position in the BOD,
Mr. Rice instead decided to silently decline my offer and allow the
ballots to go out with one or two fewer names on them than their were
seats available.  In other words, there will not be an election, Mr.
Rice will be your president for the next three years by default, and the
three people that have accepted nominations will be your officers.

I think it would have been appropriate for Mr. Rice to at least consult
the general membership before flatly declining any sort of competition
on the ballot.

Yes, my offer came in a few days late.  I wasn't even going to put my
name in until I noticed the names of nominees numbered fewer than the
number of BOD positions.

The NFC ended the year 2001 learning of secrets hidden by our officers. 
The NFC is going into 2002 (and the next three years) with dirty hands
at the helm again.

I do not wish to be a part of such an organization.  Association with it
tarnishes my good name.  Please remove me from the roster, and terminate
my membership.

| Rev. Chris Hedemark, DD
| Hillsborough, NC
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