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Re: NFC: Worm Collecting Report

    Thanks Arlus . Best worm expedition report Ive
read in years . Loved it . Worms dont frequent the
bedrock on this mountaintop so I have worm tubs . Not
nearly the excitement on an expedition to the tubs .
--- Arlus Farnsworth <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:
> A sudden storm has brought the worms out tonight...
> big ones, little
> ones, all of them juicy ones. Mostly I find them
> crawling across the
> cement, but often they will be half out of the
> burrow, breathing the
> night air. Careful not to shine the flashlight too
> brightly, they will
> duck out of sight... but ever so slightly creep up
> and... grab them by
> the slippery end and slowly pull like a starfish
> opens a mussel. Pop out
> they come and into the can. Or plastic yogurt
> container as the case may
> be. I have not met the fish that could resist a nice
> worm or two. The
> little fish aren't big enough to fit a worm in their
> mouth yet, but they
> try. My biggest fish thought he was quite the
> dominant character until a
> giant worm thrashed him about the tank, but in the
> end... no more worm.
> One fish wasn't eating much... he doesn't like the
> food I made up any
> more... freezer burn not tasty? Now he has a full
> stomach. A smaller
> fish not getting enough to eat? She is resting her
> distended belly on
> the bottom, barely able to wag a fin. The other fish
> are happy with the
> extra treat as well.

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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