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Re: NFC: Pressure (prolly off-topic. :)

Wally wrote: 

>>  I thought they were cool too, until I got one. The idea is 
>>  awesome but if you are talking about the "Power Sweep" 
>>  ones they are JUNK! The design is poor and after a few 
>>  months the pivot point wears out and they stop turning.
>>  Everyone I know who has tried them has had the same 
>>  problem. I wish someone could make one that did the 
>>  sweeping that would last.

Having consulted my "little black pocket books of notes & scribbles" to refresh my memory, I find that the "PowerSweep" is in fact exactly what I saw. 

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll save $22.95 by not buying one of those until the technology improves !!!

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL