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Re: NFC: Educational web site

   You have a nice start ,What is there looks good
.Please let us know of advances . bill
--- PrplShark at aol_com wrote:
> This is the sites address:
> http://hometown.aol.com/prplshark/index.html     
> I'm new at this website stuff, so don't judge the
> site to harshly. I've got 
> another site setup with 50mb, but like I said, I'm
> new at this. The other 
> site needs code to set the site up for its made for
> a web designer, and I'm 
> trying to learn how to set it up and do my research
> at the same time, while 
> taking care of my fishroom. It will be done though!
> To those of you that see 
> it, let me know what you think for a beginner. Any
> hints on the web page, and 
> the web designer will be a big help too. The web
> page IS REGESTERED as an 
> educational site.
>     "Tank you"
>              Victor    
> Prplshark at aol_com

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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