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NFC: Fw: Help NW Salmon - Stop the Feds' Salmon (Extinction) Plan

Dear robert, 

Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers released their
final Plan for America's Snake River salmon... 

...But it's a plan for extinction, not recovery. 

The Plan has the usual "techno-fixes" - lots of taxpayer/ratepayer
money ($390 million) to transport fish IN BARGES,
rather in the river where they belong. They've barged
fish for 25 years and it's NEVER worked! 

You can help - tell the Corps their plan's a barge
ride to extinction: contact your Congressmembers -
ask them to oppose the Corps' extinction plan and support
legislation that will really restore the Snake River,
its imperiled salmon, and the communities that depend
upon them. 

How to Help: 

This is a Special Request!  

Below are 2 links to 2 webpages.  

One sends an email letter to your Senator. The other
sends one to your Representative. Both are very important.
PLEASE click on both. Your Senators AND your House
member need to hear from you today! 

As always, THANK YOU for your support to restore the
salmon, rivers, and communities of America's Pacific