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NFC: Open Letter to Chris

If it would make you happy can I send you $10.00 via paypal so you will drop
your one man crusade that nobody else seems to care about? That way you
won't feel cheated by anyone anymore. As for the way you have been trashing
Robert I am embarrassed as a believer in Christ that you feel the need to
sign everything "Pastor Chris" and publicly trash good people. Perhaps you
have forgotten what Christ said about what to do if someone offends you?
Remember you need to go to them privately or don't you have the maturity to
do that?  I am very put off by people in ministry who feel the need to sign
everything "Pastor" what ever when it has nothing to do with church. I don't
sign my name  "Manager Wally", and you don't see "Plumber Bob" or "Lawyer
Joe" Please lets get back to talking about fish. As you are a Pastor do you
tell everyone in your church where every cent goes? I think not. Do you tell
them every week that you got a case of toilet paper or a pack of pens? Do
you print out information that details the cost of everyphone call you make
and what it was about? As you are aware Pastors have a far worse track
record when it comes to financial wrong doing than the fish clubs do.

You want a flame war you got one.

"Manager Wally"
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Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 2:20 AM
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> Robert,
> Thank you for the frank and open story about what has happened to our
> I am floored by this, but suspect we will survive through this.  I would
> like to suggest that following the bylaws regarding regular reporting, we
> may have been able to catch this sooner before this level of damage was
> done.  I'm not casting blame, and in fact my offer stands to sit on an
> oversight committee if you will have me.  Unfortunately I am unqualified
> be a treasurer, and don't believe I could put in the time commitment
> necessary for the other officer positions.  For me to run for such a
> position would be a disservice to the NFC, and besides by now I've got
> 98% of the mailing list lined up to stone me.  ;-)  What I have offered to
> do, though, is something I can commit to doing.
> Is there anything we can do in the short term to help you & Joe to recover
> from this?
> Regards,
> Pastor Chris

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