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Re: NFC: Answering R.J.'s questions and asking some more of my own

Pastor Chris, 

Thanks. You pretty much convinced me that the NFC is not worth joining. Because when I give my money to a nonprofit group I want to know that it is being managed competently and spent wisely. All nonprofits are required to make this information known to its members. Mr. Rice's reticence to discuss this subject -- and the complaints you've received from other members for rightly (and calm-headedly) bring it up -- is worrisome to say the least. And now to think that a trusted NFC officer ran off with the money (to the Philippines?) is really the iceing on the cake. 

I notice that NFC has a distinguished Board of Trustees. Where are they in all this? Are they running the club or is it just a one-man show? Maybe you should direct your complaints to the Board. Or elect a new president who can clean things up and restore order. 

I wish the NFC well but feel like joining is a waste of my money at this point in time. I will keep watching though and if I see the accountability you mentioned then I will consider joining. 


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