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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Charles adds:
> Not to quibble (there's been enough already!) but "ongoing" is a relative
> term.  As organized as I try to be, I can't count (at this moment in time)
> the number of ongoing activities let alone all the various forms,
> cataloguing, etc. required by each.  Some wait until the end of the week,
> some until the end of the month, others until the end of the quarter, and
> we all know, fortunately the BIG tax time comes only once a year.

True.  I think there may be wiggle room on some of these "requirements", I
don't know I'd have to look to offer one man's interpretation.

Regarding financial matters, though, I think this is something that should
be treated very seriously and maintained diligently.  If the finances are
recorded through any of the common software packages, it is a five minute
job to crank out a canned report.  I think what I am asking for may be more
complicated though, as it includes accountability for where the grant money
went and what was returned (which is usually not a financial return, but
something less tangible such as a life history study or a classroom of kids
that learned about comparitive fish anatomy or something).  If the answers
are coming, I fully expect those answers may take a week or two to compile
if it includes the sorts of things I was asking about.

I think the "ongoing" financial activities should consist of a canned
Quickbooks report (if that is what we are using... otherwise whatever
package we are using probably has a suitable report).  I think that report
should be posted to the NFC general mailing list, and included in the Flier
every issue.  I would consider this a reasonable minimum.  Enough so that I
might even suggest loosening up the bylaws to take out the monthly reporting
requirement, so long as the quarterly reports were done dilligently and in
sufficient detail.

Accountability for disbursed funds is a little harder to quantify, but I
think this is an important pursuit to make sure the money being spent is
being spent effectively.

> I think the questions you posed are understood - if not, clarification
> should be sought.  Let's just let things cool for a few days and revisit
> next week.  Who knows, the answers may be there too!

In my "unbeaten bush" message I tried to make these as short and concise as
possible.  If any clarification is needed, I'd be happy to do so.

If the answers are coming in the next week or two, I'll be happy to make
everyone else happy and shut my mouth.  :-)

Pastor Chris