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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

Greg writes:
> Why is this soooo important to you?

Because I care about this club.  I care how our officers handle our funds.
I want to be part of a dialogue to determine if those funds are being spent
effectively, and what return we are seeing on disbursed funds (in the form
of education, papers, whatever).

> I am getting kind of tired of reading
> these comments made by you,

So delete them.

> and then everyone else on the NFC jumps back and
> defends themselves.

There was nothing to defend.  Perhaps my requests or intentions were
misconstrued.  As a 501c3 our finances are supposed to be open.  Open not
just to the membership, but to the general public as well.

> That comment about Robert and Clinton, was that really
> necessary?

It was not written in a way that accurately reflected the point I was trying
to get across.  I do apologize if I was misconstrued as comparing Robert to
that slimeball.  My point was that Robert and others have been evasive when
there was no need for evasiveness, and for some of my requests there was a
*requirement* for compliance.  Again, Robert if you are reading this, I
would like to personally apologize to you if what I wrote implied that you
were a slimeball like Clinton.

> What did you call the rest of us?

I don't know.  You tell me.  I must have missed it.

> I didn't join this list to
> have my inbox full of petty arguments between one person and the rest of
> NFC.....My 2 cents, Greg

This doesn't have to be an argument, nor should it be.  I was trying to
start constructive dialogue, kickstart some productive activity.  The first
step towards doing that is determine what we are already doing, and how
effective that is.

Pastor Chris