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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

>   Whatever axe you have to grind with Robert should be done in private and
> NFC business should NOT be used for that purpose.

My NFC business is just that, NFC business.  Any adversarial overtones that
have arisen are a direct result of responses like your own that have been
pretty juvenile and disrespectful.  I've also taken a more direct tone with
Robert because of a similar tone and more disturbingly a nearly complete
evasion of some information that is supposed to be free for all members to
access upon request.

> Your "one man
> crusade" has fallen on deaf ears I am afraid.

I'm afraid that is not good enough.  Denying these requests for information,
and failing to live up to the requirements of the club bylaws, could
potentially endanger the 501c3 status of the club.

> There are too many of us
> out there busting our humps on our own time, without any acknowledgments
> (and not looking for any).

Same here.  But if the club gave you money to do that, I think I have a
right to know about it, and what the return was on that investment (in the
form of information, or successful breeding of native species, whatever).
That's not too much to ask, and is largely a legal requirement of running a
501c3 anyway.

> I've taken several people out collecting,
> answered questions from curious people, have been asked for help with
> research at my local university and supplied beginners and veterans with
> fish when asked for.

Guess what, I've done a lot of that too.

> I don't do this for cudos, I do this to help inform
> people and "spread the word".

Ditto.  What's the point?

> No, I haven't mentioned it, since I receive
> no compensation from the NFC I don't think I need to take the time as I am
> busy enough as it is and I am a VOLUNTEER.

Me too.  And since you have accepted no money, you have nothing to answer
for.  Any reports you provide are at your own discretion.

> You can be too.

I am.

> It's easy to
> sit back and carp at others for what they have or have not done, but
> remember before you do that that none of us if perfect.

I'm not saying anyone is perfect or not perfect.  I'm just asking our club
secretary, whoever that is, to "show me the money".  And if the treasurer is
unwilling or unable, I am asking Robert as the president to do that.  This
is a very legitimate request and there is no excuse to meet that with such
hostility and evasion.

The bylaws require the treasurer to file monthly, quarterly, and annual
financial statements.  This is supposed to be public information.  Where is
it?  If it does exist, there is nothing wrong with me asking for it.  If it
does not exist, THEN it is reasonable to say that someone isn't doing their
job and action needs to be taken.  Also, if the request for information is
not fulfilled, AGAIN there is something seriously wrong (and likely illegal)
and some action needs to be taken.

> Including
> yourself.  So why don't YOU volunteer locally and help out instead of
> ragging on others about NON-issues?

Luke, if you read anything I wrote, you would know that I have done more
than 95% of club members.  Maybe not as much as you, or as much as Robert,
or a couple of other people here who tirelessly do work for this cause.  But
I have volunteered, I have ORGANIZED & LEAD environmental cleanup and
improvement activities, I have gotten young people into the Eno River to
catch fishes that they never knew existed.  I have gotten young people to
keep these fish in tanks and reading books on the subject.

I've spent probably 5 full days alone this year in our national forests
building bridges over stream crossings, on trail systems that HUNDREDS of
ATV's and Jeeps drive over EACH and EVERY weekend from spring through early
winter.  This is very far upstream, and thus is preventing a lot of
downstream pollution from leaky engines, sediment, etc.  That is just ONE of
the activities I have done for native fishes this year, among many.  I don't
go on and on about it on this list, at least not until my value to this club
is called into question.  And I'm not going to get into a "mine is bigger
than yours" argument because you have probably done more than me for "the
cause".  But I do want to establish that I am a dues paying member, I am
active in the club (whether you like my ideas or not), and I am active in my
state to directly improve the plight of game and non game native fishes.
Therefore, I think my opinions count for SOMETHING and need to be addressed
with a little more consideration than what they've been given here.  Sadly,
I see that is futile.

See my post on "non-beaten bush".  If you can be objective for a few
minutes, and you can answer any of those issues directly and objectively, I
would like to read the response.

Pastor Chris