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RE: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

>>However, several of the other points I have raised should be (according to
>>the bylaws, not me!) ongoing activities.

Not to quibble (there's been enough already!) but "ongoing" is a relative
term.  As organized as I try to be, I can't count (at this moment in time)
the number of ongoing activities let alone all the various forms, reporting,
cataloguing, etc. required by each.  Some wait until the end of the week,
some until the end of the month, others until the end of the quarter, and as
we all know, fortunately the BIG tax time comes only once a year.

I think the questions you posed are understood - if not, clarification
should be sought.  Let's just let things cool for a few days and revisit
next week.  Who knows, the answers may be there too!

All the best, Charles

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