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Re: NFC: Florida Collecting

Any body decide when and where we are collecting this weekend?


Chris Guppenberger wrote:

> Hyacinth is illegal to possess in Florida so I havent fed them to mine in
> the ponds.  They presently have become familiar with hydrilla as we have it
> in a pond, it just showed up one day...
> Speaking of hydrilla.... In Central Florida there is a hydrilla nicknemed
> "Gorilla Hydrilla or Rambo Hydrilla" it has become resistant to the
> chemicals we use to treat it. It is even immune to SONAR (to those who are
> familiar to the aquatic label herbicides).  Kinda unreal if you ask me.
> Invasive exotic plants are just as much as a problem as are the fish and
> inverts that have come into the country.  Grass carp are the only real
> alternative treatment on them at the moment.
> Speaking of coming into the country, I spoke with a group of fish farmers up
> in Alabama recently.  Noted that the US is importing large amounts of
> catfish from Asiain Countries. The prices are so low the US fish farmers
> cant compete. And they are using illegal chemicals in their waters to treat
> paracites and are for the most part unregulated.  I imagine in the next few
> years you will see a decline in aquaculture as food and fish farmers that do
> this for food closing shop.  The same thing happened to us beekeepers as
> well, imported honey from South America at half the wholesale price put
> multitudes of beekeepers out of business (mine as well).
> Next time you are in the store buying fish take a look or ask where it is
> from and try to support our US fish farmers.  Just food for thought.......
> Chris