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Re: NFC: Florida Collecting

Hyacinth is illegal to possess in Florida so I havent fed them to mine in
the ponds.  They presently have become familiar with hydrilla as we have it
in a pond, it just showed up one day...

Speaking of hydrilla.... In Central Florida there is a hydrilla nicknemed
"Gorilla Hydrilla or Rambo Hydrilla" it has become resistant to the
chemicals we use to treat it. It is even immune to SONAR (to those who are
familiar to the aquatic label herbicides).  Kinda unreal if you ask me.
Invasive exotic plants are just as much as a problem as are the fish and
inverts that have come into the country.  Grass carp are the only real
alternative treatment on them at the moment.

Speaking of coming into the country, I spoke with a group of fish farmers up
in Alabama recently.  Noted that the US is importing large amounts of
catfish from Asiain Countries. The prices are so low the US fish farmers
cant compete. And they are using illegal chemicals in their waters to treat
paracites and are for the most part unregulated.  I imagine in the next few
years you will see a decline in aquaculture as food and fish farmers that do
this for food closing shop.  The same thing happened to us beekeepers as
well, imported honey from South America at half the wholesale price put
multitudes of beekeepers out of business (mine as well).

Next time you are in the store buying fish take a look or ask where it is
from and try to support our US fish farmers.  Just food for thought.......


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