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NFC: Breeder's Club

Who's Breeding who:

     Is that a baby I see?  You betcha.  A little Elasoma evergladeii of my
very own.  Up near the surface in a ten gallon with a male and maybe four
females.  Put in some green water, infusoria and daphnia to try to be more
hospitable.  I had done a water change a couple of weeks ago and sucked up
four fry, one surviving to pretty good size.  Well at least I know the group
can be productive.
    This week-end I bought some more evergladeii to set up another
population, as well as some E. zonatum.  It will take awhile to get results.
    What fish are the rest of you working on?  Any results to report?  Any
requests to be made?  I hope as the weather warms up that I can help get
things organized to get suppliers and breeders together to get some fish
going.  Our objective should be to rear fish to get to the auctions rather
than wild caught.  Please feel free to contact me at gwd at magpage_com, or to
the list.  Let's get something cookin.


Wilmington, DE