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NFC: Riparian Habitat and Floodplains Conference

Riparian Habitat and Floodplains Conference

March 12-15, 2001
Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California
***Early Registration Deadline: February 9, 2001***

Integrating California riparian and floodplain restoration, research,
conservation, partnerships, education, policy, and biota, bringing together
a wide variety of experts and interests.

Plenary sessions, concurrent technical sessions, panel discussions, and
workshops will take place March 12-14.  Half-day and full-day field trips
will be offered March 14-15.  A peer-reviewed conference "Proceedings" will
be published.

Major Conference Themes:
  Practice of Conservation and Restoration
  Research and Technology in Riparian and Floodplain Restoration
  Legislative Policy and Programs

To Register and For More Information Visit Our Website:

 Or Contact:
Tina Chouinard
Tina_Chouinard at r1_fws.gov