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NFC: Fw: Adopt-a-tank

FYI ...a recent AAT lurker :)

My name is Donna Sink, I am librarian at Liberty Drive Elementary School
which serves 3rd, 4th and 5th grades.  I'd like help getting Adopt-a-Tank
going in a big way at our school.  We are located in Thomasville, North

Last year the fifth grade students built a 2000+ gallon pond on our school
campus.  We stocked it with donations from folks off the fish wish list.  
What wonderful people!  Now on beautiful days if the visiting class is very
quiet (:^) they catch glimpses of Sailfin shiners, Pumpkinseed sunfish,
mosquito fish and a yellow cat.  We haven't seen our madtoms since they went

We have one large tank in the library that houses a largemouth bass.  It (the
fish) was a donation from a fisherman.  After feeding it bait minnows a few
times the fourth grade voted he should stay in our tank, that he would
probably prey on all our fish in the pond.  This is just an example of the
style of community government that sourrounds our school pond.

Our outdoor pond is large and at this point in its development I don't want
to net or seine from it so the children can more closely observe our fishes.  
I need help setting up a couple of tanks so the students can easily observe
and care for native fish.  Many parents ask where our koi are and I'm proud
to say the students do a good job explaining the native fish conservation
effort.  But how wonderful it would be to be able to enjoy our fish close up
and learn about their habits.

Can you help us?

Donna Sink
Liberty Drive School
Thomasville, NC 27360