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Re: NFC: PoP Eye help

jake levi wrote:

> Hi Stephen
> yes, the tetracycline wipes out a broad spectrum of
> bacteria, both gram negative and gram positive, as
> such the bacteria that do the denitrfying are history.
> That is a danger when using any antibiotic. They are
> equal opportunity killers.

   damned had I known that , I might have skipped that attempt
altogether....  oh, well....  seems kinda cache 22, if the treatment
would tend to increase the problem that caused the original

   well, gotta get religious about cleaning.....

> Draconian=major.
> I would do major water changes on the tank,40%,
> increase the mechanical filtration and once the
> tetracycline has been diluted seed the substrate with
> gravel from a functioning tank. you can also swap
> filter screens from one in a functioning tank. I would
> hope that the water changes would help the popeye
> condition. How big of a tank is it?
> jake

   will do...  the first change was about 50%.......    the renewal of
carbon in the filter seems to be fading the color also,  but I will do a
water change every other day for a bit, maybe....    and use lots of
stress coat... :^)

  its a 90 gallon tank, and I ain't got no others for seeds....   but
the mechanical system must be well suited for it, I never even lost any
fish, that I can remember on the original nitrogen spike....



                              Stephen Di Cerbo
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                           - William Shakespeare -