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Re: NFC: PoP Eye help

robertrice at juno_com wrote:

> my rule after years of trying other ways is remove and destroy any sick
> fish period. Thats why I have garter snakes :)

   well one of those two Bass were destined for my Gyotaku table
anyway....   if she (the big one), whose had it the longest doesn't improve
, it might be her.....

      She has begun to worry me as she has ignored the introduction of 2
dozen golden shiners today, while the smaller guy gorged as
usual......        this  could be bad....   if that stomach isn't distended
soon,  well...

      just wish her scales were in better shape for the printing......

   does  any one know if fish can re-generate scales?  I must have been
asleep during that lecture session...


                              Stephen Di Cerbo
                          stephen at stormtree_com

       " Here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling. "

                           - William Shakespeare -

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